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Family members - young and old - love receiving and giving notes of affirmation in the shower. You can post notes, which stick by natural sucion when wetted, on the shower walls.

One Note a Day Adds Up

You're the Best...You Got This

Love Your Spirit and Your Mind

I Love You I Love You I Love You

Daddy Loves Mommy

Happy Anniversary

After 30 yrs of Marriage

Have a Good Day

Love You 4 Ever

Love You Mommy so Much

Love You Wayne

Missed You - Glad You're Home

You can do this!

You are the Best Dad

You're a Daily Blessing to Me

We are so Proud of You

I Love You Mom (from a Tween)

You Are Beautiful


Play Hang Man, Tic-Tac-Toe, Pictionary, or Pass the Story (someone starts by writing three words...the next person in the shower adds two more sentences...and the story continues with each new person who enters the shower.)


Hang Man (1)

Hang Man (2)



Pass the Story

Sketches & Art

Young and old alike love to sketch, doodle, and draw in the bathtub & shower. Check out our new colored pencils under Other Products to brighten up your art .


3D Doodle




Cartoon Sketch

Cartoon Doodle

Collage of Sketches

Collage of Art

Food Sketch

My Happy Place

I Love You

Instructions from Mom

Kid Sketch


Outside the Shower

AquaNotes paper, when wetted, sticks to most smooth surfaces. Love notes or reminders in unexpected places are catchy, fun, and memorable.

Car Window Reminder

Door Reminder

Refrigerator Reminder