Never let another great idea go down the drain!

About Us

Some of the best ideas and insights have been developed in the tranquility and solitude of a nice warm shower.  The problem for me was those ideas were easily forgotten when they were not immediately recorded somewhere.  I began writing (i.e capturing) shower thoughts on standard paper notepads.  However, those notes often ended up soggy, torn, and illegible.  So, AquaNotes┬« were created to solve this problem.

After experimenting with a variety of apparatuses to record ideas in the shower, we settled on a waterproof notepad design that suctions to the shower wall.  The notepad and all its component pieces are manufactured and assembled in the USA.  This gives us the ability to ensure our final products are made from safe, non-toxic, and the highest quality materials available.  We wouldn't put anything harmful in our bath or shower...and we wouldn't put anything like that in yours either!

Thank you for supporting us - we greatly appreciate every one of you : )

Mark Knudsen