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What do I do if my suction cup won't stick to the shower wall?  

We use the highest quality, USA made materials so the suction cups typically stick to almost any clean smooth surface.

 The first thing we usually ask customers is whether they have tried cleaning the shower tiles to remove all soap residue and mineral deposits.  That is the most frequent problem that causes the suction cups to resist sticking.  If the surface is clean, we suggest wetting the suction cups (with hot water if possible) and then pressing them firmly against the surface.   

We occasionally find that some customer showers have either a porous or uneven surface, or that the surface has been re-glazed.  Any one of these situations can prevent the suctions cups from adhering.  The glaze can be a problem because it's often an acrylic based coating which does not work well with most suction cups.

If none of these situations apply, please try sticking the suction cups to your bathroom mirror.  If they don't stick to the bathroom mirror, then it may be that the suctions cups are defective and we would replace them for you.