No More Great Ideas Down the Drain!

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“Every morning I meditate, prepare for the day, strategize and think of new ideas under the shower. I can highly recommend it [AquaNotes] to document your moments of genius while under the shower or in the bath!"  ~ P. Driessen

"I’ve been using the AquaNotes Aqua Notepad for the last few weeks, and highly recommend it!"

~C. Bailey


"The BEST notepad in the world.  The most useful idea ever.  A waterproof suction cup notepad.  Only seven days from Order to Delivery -from across the Atlantic.  I went straight into the shower to try them out.  And, you know what? They totally work!" ~J. Gibbon


"Just tried my new AquaNotes pad. The writing stayed intact even when I tried to smudge it or hit it hard with the shower hose. It works!" ~C. Bouler

"I ordered a pack of 5 so I could test them out. They arrived last week and I love them.” ~K Marco

"My husband absolutely LOVES the aqua notes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" A. Blunt

"I love your product! It's been really useful for me. Keep it up guys, this product is terrific!" O Inograd

 "I never forget, even in the shower with AquaNotes waterproof shower notepad!" ~D.L.